What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology?

Technology plays a crucial part in our every day’s life. There is no field over the modern globe in which technology is not included. Besides such advantages, technology also has some negative impacts on our lives. 

Technology has evolved a lot since the latter part of the 20th century and now it is becoming more and more necessary in human life. It helps us to work more easily and quickly. However, everything also exists pros and cons and it is important to know both sides. So in this article, we will review both positive and negative effects of modern technology on us so as to understand more about what we are using every single day.

Advantages of technology

  • Improving home- and work-life

The development of mobile technologies and internet has enabled people to communicate with anyone over the globe despite distance. An employee can work well like a team with his colleagues anywhere he wants while keeping in touch with friends and family in different places. 

  • Storing documents safely

It is hard to save all stacks and files safely in offices. A room full of papers can be ruined due to a natural disaster or thieves. However, nowadays, you can put all of them in a single flash drive and let the technology secure them. Thanks to this, you can reduce lots of time, places and human effort. 

  • Easy access to information

The latest invention of technology is the Internet. With the help of it, people can explore the wide range of knowledge in the world. No matter how old you are, you can still learn from famous universities, join numerous international projects and connect with popular authors. The information found on the Internet can also play an important part in teaching and studying between teachers and students. 

  • Healthcare and medicine

Every hospital uses technological devices today. This helps the doctors to analyze and monitor the patients’ health easily and accurately. Without technology, it is hard to imagine where we are standing now. 

  • Selling and purchasing

Selling and purchasing have become much easier thanks to the improvement of technology. People are allowed to sell and buy products through various online platforms such as OLX, ALIBABA and AMAZON. With just a few clicks, their products will be delivered home in a few minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern technology

Selling and purchasing have become much easier thanks to the improvement of technology/ Ph: thriveglobal.com

Disadvantages of technology

  • Distraction from work and study

Modern technological gadgets and devices are the most distracting factors among people. Students and workers may play games and surf their social media in the classroom and offices instead of concentrating on their study and work. As a consequence, they will no longer have interest in achieving their goals and ambitions in life. Thus, it will be good if we can set a specific limitation to these devices to prevent distraction.

  • Lack of human relations

Social isolation happens in the virtual world. People are always busy with their smart devices and do not want to participate in any kind of outdoor activities. This will lead to a lack of communication in the real world among people and gradually, it will be hard for them to become a functioning member of society. Moreover, this can also put them in different types of diseases like anxiety,  depression, brain cancer or obesity. 

  • Human are less valued

Computers are replacing lots of people’s jobs. Companies can reduce wages and conditions but ordinary workers can become unemployed anytime. Not only the normal workforce, the military can also be replaced. Pilotless drone aircrafts, which are able to attack the enemies from miles away, can represent well for this situation. 

  • Environmental issues

Technological devices and machines are often made from non-biodegradable or toxic materials. They need a power source to run smoothly and this can result in a growth in the consumption of fossil fuels and electricity. Apart from that, some technology manufactures toxic materials. Even in farming, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are very harmful for the environment and human’s health. 

In conclusion, technology has made our life much easier than ever before. It reduces human effort while bringing more connection. Nevertheless, the negative impact of technology on people, especially kids should not be underestimated as well. 

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