What is all the basic information about your computer nowadays?

Computers have become an integral part in our daily life. They exist in every school, shop, hospital or in your own home. But can you define the term computer formally?

It is quite difficult to imagine the disappearance of computers in our everyday life. The invention of computers has made our life much easier and faster than ever before. The more modern a computer is, the more incredible functions it can bring. Because of the undeniable advantages a computer can offer us, we should learn and understand about it as well as its great features so as to utilize them better. So now, just keep on reading and find out your favorite information about computers!

What is a computer?

A computer is known as an electronic device manipulating data or information, under the control of instructions given in its memory. It is capable of accepting data (input), processing data following some specified rules, retrieving information (output) and storing information for future use. You can use a computer to send emails, type documents, browse the web and play games. You can also create and edit presentations, spreadsheets and videos on the computers. 

Characteristics of computers

  • Speed: A computer can exhibit millions of instructions each second
  • Versatility: If you input data with correct instructions, computers can carry out the processing as you want, from ticket booking, data entry to astronomical observations and mathematical calculations
  • Accuracy: Needless to say that computers can perform processes better than people. Its degree of accuracy is super high. Errors may occur in case people input incorrect data, inaccurate instructions or bugs in chips. 
  • Storage capacity: Thanks to their wide networks, computers are able to keep a large amount of files and programs. And the data here is safe from tear or wear associated with paper.
  • Reliability: Computers can perform similar works repeatedly without errors due to boredom or tiredness, which are common among people. 

Computer components

Any types of computers always contain 2 components namely hardware and software:

  • Hardware is the collection of any physical elements in a computer such as the hard drive disk (HDD), mouse, keyboard, monitor, computer data storage, system unit (memory, chips, motherboard, sound cards and graphic cards), etc.
  • Software is a set of instructions that are divided into 2 categories: Application software used by users to complete specific tasks. It may comprise a single program like an image viewer and a software package that work well with each other. Meanwhile, system software offers non-task-specific features of the computer. It may contain an operating system and some certain fundamental utilizations like file managers, text editors, disk formatters, management tools, user authentication, device control software and networking. 
Computer Basics: What is a Computer?

A computer is known as an electronic device manipulating data or information, under the control of instructions given in its memory/ Ph: edu.gcfglobal.org

Whatever you want to accomplish with your computer also relies on both software and hardware. For instance, you may need a web browser (software) and a mouse (hardware) to view your lessons from page to page. 

Different types of computers

Computers differ in many sizes and shapes. Each kind of computers will perform different functions in people’s life:

  • Desktop computers are mostly used at home, work and school. They need a desk to be put on along with other parts such as keyboard, monitor, mouse and computer case. 
  • Laptop computers or laptops use batteries to run the system, therefore, they are portable and can be carried out from places to places easily.
  • Tablet computers are commonly called tablets. They are even more portable than laptop computers thanks to their incredible design with a touch-sensitive screen. 
  • Servers store data from computers to computers on an available network. As long as your Internet connection is good, you can get access and share any files and programs on a server. 
  • Specialized computers consist of smartphones, wearables, game consoles and TVs. Although we may not think of them that way, they can still perform lots of things a computer can do like playing games, watching online contents or browsing the Internet. 

To conclude, computers are really an essential part in our life. Living in a modern world, you may have to use them a lot for work and study. We hope that the aforementioned information can help you understand more about computers and you will be able to use them properly for different purposes. 

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