There are many computer cleaning software available. Therefore, you may have difficulty in choosing. Don’t worry, you are at the right place.

Top 10 Most Effective Computer Cleaning Software 

Cleaning junk files in your computer regularly is essential to prevent viruses and malware. The use of junk cleaning software is extremely helpful in improving the speed of your computer and the performance of your work. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 most effective computer cleaning software today.

1. Advanced Systemcare

Advanced Systemcare helps speed up your computer. As a result, it can speed up Internet access, web surfing and application processing. You will have a wonderful experience.

All you need to do is click, the system will quickly handle all junk files, temporary files and viruses that harm your computer. In addition, it also helps free up more space for the drive.

Not only that, but Advanced Systemcare also integrates privacy scanning, removing privacy traces for 200 different programmed programs. It features high security. That means it can prevent any harmful elements for your computer

2. CCleaner

The 2nd place on our list went to Ccleaner. This is software capable of handling and cleaning up data files, installed software and applications that are not necessary for the computer. Ccleaner helps your computer operate more smoothly, quickly and conveniently.

It can perform intensive cleanup in no time. As a result, it can bring many benefits to users.

 CCleaner. Source:

3. PrivaZer

PrivaZer is one of the most used cleaning software today. This is a free installation software for Windows 10. It can help you clean up junk files and quickly process files on your hard drive. In addition, it can remove unwanted browser history activity traces. Thanks to that, it can protect user privacy.

4. Clean Up

Clean Up helps you optimize and clean your computer effectively. It can delete junk files and temporary files at a fast speed to give your computer more storage space. By using this software, your computer will be optimized quickly. The time to delete junk files is much shorter.

5. Glary Utilities

Cnet technology reviewers voted 5 stars for Glary Utilities software. In fact, it has provided outstanding features and great benefits for users.

With just one click, you can activate Glary Utilities’ extremely powerful garbage removal feature. The outstanding features of Glary Utilities include disk cleaning, repair and acceleration, protection, and better optimization of the computer system.

In addition, Glary Utilities also has the ability to delete junk data, restore disk space, clean the registry, fix errors on the start menu and desktop shortcuts, delete cookies and Internet history, etc.

Already more than 40 million customers around the world use Glary Utilities. That showed us how great this software is.

6. PC Decrapifier

Jute is a smart, compact application. PC Decrapifier helps to remove unnecessary programs and applications from the computer. As a result, your computer can work faster. PC Decrapifier is completely free software

PC Decrapifier is compatible with win 10. It has the ability to clean and speed up the operation for windows 10 many times faster. PC Decrapifier provides users with an easy, step-by-step garbage removal process.

7.  SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner is rated as the best cleaning software available today. It is optimized for free on PC to assist users in monitoring and optimizing computer systems. SlimCleaner is a simple and highly effective PC cleaning tool.

With SlimCleaner, you can easily delete junk files, duplicate files from your computer system quickly. It also supports users to wipe virus files from the drive.

SlimCleaner includes a number of great features such as customizing the schedule of programs on the computer system, automatically upgrading to new versions, permanently deleting files stored in the recycle bin, removing remove unnecessary files, and more.

SlimCleaner. Source:

8.  Ashampoo

Ashampoo is the final cleaning software we would recommend to you. Ashampoo helps provide stable PC performance and enhances user privacy.

Ashampoo software helps to clean computers and drives quickly. As a result, it can protect and optimize your computer, increasing your PC’s performance. In addition, Ashampoo can automatically update to the latest version.


Above are the top 10 most commonly used computer cleaning software today. Hopefully, this post will bring useful information to you. Choose and install the best software for your PC right now!

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