Top 7 computer software you should have on your PC

What is the software you cannot do without on your personal computer? Why do you need them? Check out our article below for fascinating information on this topic.

A personal computer is one of the tools that help you work, play, and study. It is beneficial and popular with people because there are so many personal computer users in the world. There are many types of software with many different features. The software on the personal computer will meet the basic and specialized needs of users. Let’s explore the must-have software on your PC. 

Microsoft Office 

It is a necessary software suite for all computers, including personal computers. You will use this software suite to work and study. 

Microsoft Office is a suite of software you absolutely must have on your personal computer.

Microsoft Office includes:

Microsoft Excel: spreadsheet processing; record and present information in tabular form, perform calculations and build visual statistics.

  • Microsoft Word: word processing software
  • Microsoft Powerpoint: create presentations with slides presented in many forms (text, images, video, audio, charts)
  • Microsoft Outlook: send and receive an email, manage calendars, store names and numbers in your contacts, and track tasks.
  • Microsoft OneNote: digital notebook
  • Microsoft Access: relational database management software
  • Microsoft Publisher: a graphic design application that helps you create publications with rich visual content

Antivirus software

Internet connection, external connection ports such as USB, external hard drive all expose your computer to potential risks of virus and malware infection. Viruses, malware is the cause of bad conditions. They are slow, faulty computers; folders, data files are lost; leaking private information and critical documents.

Currently, there are many antivirus software (both free and paid) for computers such as Bitdefender, BKAV Pro, Kaspersky, Avira, AVG, McAfee, and Dr.WEB Anti-Virus.

Anti-virus software will protect your computer from malicious code and other dangers.

Web browser

When it comes to software that should be on a personal computer, you can’t do without a web browser. To perform web surfing, information exchange (messaging, video calling, emailing), online entertainment (watching movies, listening to music, playing games, etc.), your computer must have at least one web browser.

Google Chrome, the browser developed, is the choice of many users. The reason is that it has useful features, a clean interface easy to use, and thousands of Extension support. Some other browsers you can use are Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Decompression software

If you want to improve security, reduce data loss, and increase download speed, you should use compression or decompression software. Files shared on the Internet today are usually compressed in the form of Zip or Rar. To view the files in the ‘compressed package’, you need software to ‘unzip’ them from each other.

WinRAR or 7Zip is an indispensable software for your personal computer if you often download or send files over the internet.

7Zip is currently the best decompression software in the world today.

Applications to listen to music, watch movies

Entertainment is a part of life, helping you relax after a long day of hard work & study. You can download and use the Spotify music software. This software provides users with more than fifty million songs so that they can listen to music anywhere, on any device with Spotify. All you need to do is install the application, type the song name in the search bar and enjoy your favorite music.

Data recovery software

One of the software that should be on personal computers is data recovery software. When you accidentally delete important files, installing data recovery software will help you get your files back, whether you’ve deleted them recently or long ago. Recuva is the software that helps you do this effectively.

In addition to installing Recuva on your laptop, you can completely download them to your USB, use the USB to recover data as usual.

Software to edit photos, cut videos

If your work is related to design, marketing, video editing, photographer, YouTuber, you will need photo and video editing software. The most famous and popular is undoubtedly Adobe Photoshop. This app provides you many professional photo editing features. Besides, it helps you to create impressive photos.

Photoshop will bring you cool videos and photos.

On the other hand, you can use many other photo editing software such as Microsoft Paint, Paint.NET, Corel, PhotoScape.

There are many applications and software developed to serve one or more purposes of computer users. You can search for information, its unique features and try it out to find the application that works best for you.

Above are the most detailed shares about the software you should have on your personal computer. We hope that the article will help you find the application that best serves your work and study.

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