How to coordinate with sneaker?

Today I looked around in my shoe locker and counted all my shoes and I estimate that in the past 10 years, sneakers have been considered indispensable in youth shoe lockers. , many times make a fever in streetstyle pictures because of the dynamic youthfulness that is suitable for the modern environment that it brings. In this article, today I will summarize some ways to mix the most stylish and suitable pants for female sneaker enthusiasts.

Women wearing sneakers should wear trendy pants?
1. Shorts

Shorts are the favorite type of pants for girls under the age of 25 because of their comfort in wearing, easy movement and thoroughly showing off their long straight legs. You can wear shorts with a croptop or a wide form-style shirt that hides your pants with sneakers and a pair of stockings to look cool and youthful!

2. Skinny pants

Skinny pants are leg-hugging pants made of materials such as elastic, denim with high elasticity, so even though tight, they are still comfortable to wear and easy to move. Skinny pants combined with sneaker shoes are the perfect choice for active girls who prefer to be discreet, simple but still want to show off their long legs.

3. Wide-legged pants

Sneakers and wide-leg pants bring an overall fancy, personality and stand out. If you are tall, try a pair of ankle-length wide pants, but if you are short, wear a calf-length pair and mix with a little high-heeled sneakers. In addition, to learn more and more ways to mix & match with wide-legged pants so that they are trendy, please refer to the article What is Wide-legged Pants? should wear with the best shirt? Please.

4. Baggy pants

Baggy pants are pants that have a wide form above but get smaller in the lower tube and shorter than ankle length. This type of pants is suitable for tall girls and wants to conceal big thighs. When combined with sneakers they give girls a sense of individuality and independence.

5. Flared pants

Flared pants are the upper hugging pants but flared from the pillow down to create the effect of long legs for dwarf girls. If the girls like the elegance of the pair of flared pants and boots, for those girls who are active but still want to emphasize the femininity, mixing flared pants and sneakers is a very good idea. .

Above are 5 ways to mix pants with sport shoes in different styles. I hope that these suggestions will help her a part in determining her own style as well as choosing the right clothes that best suit her body.

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